Initials to 3-letter code stations lookup

Enter your initials and I'll tell you if there is a matching British railway station code

Want to know if your initials are the same as the three letter shortcode for a station? We have the data here to do it! Type in three letters (i.e your initials) and see if it matches up with a railway station on the National Rail network ... (original idea and Windows App by Geoff Marshall)

For example, If your name was 'Allen R. Beckett' then 'ARB' is the code for 'Arbroath'.

This looks at 2,571 stations with codes, from a list of all National Rail station names and their 3 letter alpha codes.

About Alister Bulman

I'm a PHP developer, usually with the Symfony Framework. This site is a combination of two things:

My second visit to An Evening Of Unnecessary Detail with Geoff Marshall (and Vicki!). Geoff had made an app for Windows, called the Station Initials Lookup Tool. and I thought it would be a fun project to put much the same data online as a simple website. Once I had done that, I looked around for a similar list of codes - and remembered the IATA codes for airports - and so this website was created.

Originally, I wanted to try out Symfony v4 using Flex, and using Webpack for Javascript & CSS processing. Now, this is an all-Javascript & Webpack site.

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